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Student transitions

Students attending Chifley College undertake three transition phases and they are provided with a range of networks that support their negotiation of the process.

Year 6 into 7 Transition

Programs are run throughout the year by each of the Bidwill, Dunheved, Mt Druit and Shalvey Campuses to support students in their move from the primary school to high school environment.  Scholarships that provide monetary and in kind support for successful applicants are available for Year 6 into 7 students.

There are a number of staff whose role it is to support students in negotiating this large step in their education. Students and families can seek the assistance of Year Advisers and Year 7 Deputy Principals as well as subject Head Teachers, Head Teacher Welfare, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning or Curriculum and School Counsellor. Please contact your individual campus to be put in touch with the most suitable member of staff.

Year 10 into 11 Transition

At the completion of Year 10 students leave their junior campuses and move to either Senior Campus or Bidwill Campus. During Year 10 students will have the opportunity to participate in the transition program and attend information evenings, select subjects for senior studies and meet teachers for the following year. Both campuses have a Deputy Principal, Year Advisers and School Counsellors whose responsibility it is to provide support in any aspect of their move to their new campus. Students may also seek help from their junior campus support staff as well.

Senior Years to Post School Transition

Both the Senior Campus and Bidwill provide students with a variety of pathways towards post schooling options. Links with University, TAFE and local employers and agencies are available to assist students. Careers advisers in both campuses are there to support students in making quality decisions about future directions. In addition, they can consult with their teachers, Year Advisers and Deputy Principal. Everyone recognises that there is both excitement and fear at the completion of senior studies and support is there for students and their families.

Intercampus Enrolment Documents

Form H - Intercampus Transfers