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College opportunities

Chifley College was established in 2000 to provide enhanced educational opportunities for the high school students in the Mt Druitt area. The 5 separate high schools have been amalgamated to form Chifley College, which has continued to grow and develop.


Teachers are appointed to Chifley College and are located in one of our five campuses.  They have the opportunity to teach and move between the campuses as part of the staffing agreement.  Staffing procedures within the College are open and are supported by the NSW Teachers Federation through campus Federation Representatives.  These procedures are based on the agreement between DEC and the NSW Teachers Federation and are accounted for in the Principles of Employment in Multi-Campus Colleges.

The College is led by the College Chair which is shared, on an annual rotational basis, by each of the campus Principals. The Chair is supported by the College Deputy Principal who is located in the campus of the Chair.

Professional Learning

The Chifley College statement of beliefs encourages "inspirational teaching and the importance of teacher professional development".  Each campus has a whole of school professional development plan which supports the needs of the individual site.  Professional learning, within the College, is supported by incorporating opportunities into the College calendar. 

These opportunties include:

  • Head Teacher and Program Co-ordinator planning days, each semester
  • KLA and Program network meetings for all teaching staff 6 per year
  • Cross campus activities for all staff
  • Whole College Staff Development Days

College Management Teams

There are a number of opportunities for staff, students and the communtiy to participate in the management of the College:

  • College Council: parents, student, community representatives, 5 Principals
  • College Management Group: chaired by College Chair, 4 Principals, College Deputy Principal
  • College Deputy Principal Management Group: Deputy Principals from each campus, College DP
  • College Development Team: staff representatives from each campus, College Deputy Principal