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Enrichment programs

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that both extend and challenge them to build new understandings and skills.  Activities are developed by teachers across the College to provide students with the opportunity to work with others from different campuses.  These activities are undertaken in campuses and off site. 

Chifley College has partnerships with Macquarie, Western Sydney University, Sydney University and Westmead Children's Hospital that provide our students with opportunities to explore the sciences, engineering, health sciences, theatre sports and debating. 

The annual History and Geography challenges test students' knowledge as they battle to see which is the 'Brainiest Campus'. Design skills are elevated in the Great Putt Putt Boat Challenge with students building, powering and racing boats to establish the best boat builder. 

Chifley College has invited well known authors to work with students in developing their writing skills including character development, plot lines and creative thought processes. Follow up activities provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills. 

From 2015, Chifley College Scholarship students will be participating in a program designed to extend their 21st century learning skills.  It is envisaged that they will meet on a regular basis over their time in the College.